Cover Design


Finneus by Jeffrey A. Pitts
Available February 7, 2021
As an author with a graphic design background, I can offer you a professional book cover design for a fair price. The cover is so important! It's your first chance to catch a potential reader's attention. Choosing the right elements (e.g. type, spacing, color, balance) help convey the story's mood, plot, and genre in a snapshot. Check out BookBub's Nine Book Cover Mistakes to Avoid to see what I'm NOT talking about. If you look at a cover and say to yourself, "Photoshopped," then you're already out of story-mode and thinking about the mechanics. The cover needs to be harmonious and that's where I can help. Here's how:

Book cover design: $350.00 or your best offer! I'll accept cash, precious metals, a check, Paypal, or mixing trades for services.

Includes paperback wrap-around and an e-book version.

Does not include the cost of illustrations or photography, though I'll happily include copyright images that you provide or use from my personal stock. However, additional fees may apply for purchasing royalty-free stock images from sites like Getty Images. 

Includes a font-pick from my well-balanced library. However, additional fees may apply for purchasing specialty fonts from sites like

No contracts to sign. Let's create a positive relationship like the handshake of yore. If you like my initial design, then pay me in full, and I'll send the files to you. If you need some changes made, three's the magic number. If after three changes, and we're not getting anywhere, let's discuss a new direction, paying half-now-half-later, or moving on.

Some content doesn't resonate with me, and I must decline. Specific genres I'm NOT inspired by include: horror, erotica, politics, comics, and sports...

Please e-mail me ( and let me know about your project!